Payroll Software

Payroll Software

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Payroll Software - Payroll Management Software is the only solution that streamlines all the processes associated with paying employees. Payroll software is a system that handles various payroll services including payroll taxes, compensation, year-end bonuses, and pay stubs. In other words, it is a one-point solution focused on calculating and processing employee salaries, preparing tax forms, and benefits administration. Using payroll software centralizes myriad payroll processes on a single platform and provides a variety of tools to make payroll tasks more efficient and accurate. Ideally, payroll software will prevent human errors when calculating and administering payroll, as well as allowing employees to perform certain tasks themselves to reduce administrative overhead.

Payroll Software Features and Capabilities

Most vendors that offer payroll software include features such as:

  • Employee salary calculation
  • Automatically calculate deductions for withholding (eg state and federal tax, insurance, and retirement contributions)
  • Direct deposit check processing
  • Creating tax forms
  • Integration with external payroll vendors
  • Issuance of off-cycle checks or on-demand payments
  • Maintaining payroll history for each employee
  • Administration of benefit plans
  • Managing retirement plans
  • Payroll Tracking and Auditing
  • Revision of salary of employees
  • Running payroll balance and calculation reports
  • Employee Self Service